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Door-to-Door Pet Relocation


Moving to a new place is never easy. At Mamadog, we know this, which is why we strive to offer a "like a breeze" one-stop solution for  you, to create a stress & worry free experience for you and your "furkid(s)".

Pet Relocation Services


When you first contact us, we will try to obtain all of the necessary details from you to provide you with an accurate quotation and answer any questions you might have about the move.

​To avoid any sudden surprises, we will try to put together an exact price and all the logistics of the relocation and other necessary details so that you will have an exact price before even our services have begin!


Once you have accepted our quote, we will begin the initial process. We will contact you and go over your pet's vaccination history and advise you of the next step.

​We will also contact your veterinarian (if necessary) to introduce ourselves, go over your pet's vaccination history, and advise the veterinarian as to the next steps. This communication helps avoid any miscommunications between you and your veterinarian.

We will then begin arranging for your pet's travel arrangements, including transportation on both ends, selecting and booking the appropriate flight schedule and making sure your pet's documentation is all in order for the travel date.  Once all this is done, we will also give you a timeline of the travel arrangement with all the dates of the necessary vet visits and blood tests.  We will try to work with your relocation schedule to ensure a smooth process.

In Short, What will we do for you?


​​• Prearrange flights including connection if any

• Making sure all necessary vaccination are current and all paperworks are in place

• Making sure all international requirements are met

• Door-to-Door Transport services at both ends. (Pickup from home and Dropoff at destination residence)

• Our agents at the destination airport will help to clear custom and arrange for quarantine (when necessary).

• We can also arrange for kenneling/boarding if necessary at the Orgin country or Destination City

• We can also provide IATA Airline Approve Crates if and when necessary.

• Road transportation can be arranged if and when necessary.


What should you know/do before moving?​


Make sure that all vaccinations including Rabies and Kennel Cough vaccine are all UP-TO-DATE. Certain countries and state limit the kind or number of animals that you can import.  Hence, do contact us and we will be able to advise you on the latest import laws of the country you are travelling to.

It's never too early to start!


Your pets will most probably be traveling as manifested cargo in an international flight. This would mean that they will be spending an extended period of time in their crate.  If you do not already have a crate for them, purchase one that is IATA approved, or we can provide one.  Once you have the crate ready, you will train your furkid(s) to use the crate as a "safe haven" and using it as often as possible.  In this way, during the travel, he/she will be more comfortable being in it.


We’re happy to chat with you about the logistics of the trip and the requirements for the country of destination, so please drop us a EMAIL or WHATSAPP US!

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