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Our grooming services are only available by appointment basis, between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Wednesday. All grooming services MUST be booked in advance.  We also have a special rate on our Pet Taxi for our grooming customers! Please call us now! (1700 81 0240)


​​Small - RM 100

Medium - RM​ 150

Large - RM 275

x-Large - RM 300


​    Small -  RM 80

Medium -  RM​ 120

    Large -  RM 175

 x-Large -  RM 275


​Small - RM 120

Medium - RM 180

Large - RM 280

x-Large - RM 400

To keep your furkids looking good, haircuts and styles are needed frequently depending on the breeds. We have professional groomers with experience in all type of styles and breeds. We will also work with you to custom design your dog’s haircut according to your taste.

Using nothing less then the best products we can find in the market, our Basic Grooming service will includes the following to pamper your furkids. Bathing, blow drying, ears cleaning, nail clipping and filling, as well as trimming of paw pads area and sanitary area.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant-derived essential oils for healing and wellness. The same naturally occurring chemical components that help plants ward off diseases and pests offer protection for animals as well. The aromatherapy session is designed to help heal the canine body, mind and soul. A basic groom will be included in this package.


Small - RM 60

Medium - RM 80

Large - RM 100

x-Large - RM 125

Dogs with dandruff, ticks, fleas, allergies and other conditions may need to be bathed more frequently than usual. Here at Mamadog, we put extra care and attention in your furkids and uses only the best products.


​​Small (min) - RM 55 

Medium (min) - RM 125

Large (min)- RM 150

x-Large (min)- RM 180

De-tangle is done for an extra charge, depending on how tangled your dog’s hair is. Here at Mamadog, we uses only the best conditioner and products to help de-tangle your furkid's hair.​


​​Small - RM 15

Medium - RM 25

Large - RM 35

Extra-Large - RM 45

Although most single item grooming is already included in our Basic or Full Grooming packages, we do offer individual item services. Please ask and we will be more then happy to assist you to choose the most suitable for your furkid!

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